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Cardinal Zen Blasts Vatican Appeasement
of Beijing Regime

by Christopher A. Ferrara
February 27, 2013

In the wake of Pope Benedict’s stunning abdication, the retired Cardinal of Hong Kong, Joseph Zen, has at last said openly what he had only hinted at before: that the Catholic Church in China has been enslaved because of the Vatican’s policy of appeasing the communist regime in Beijing — an extension of the policy of Ostpolitik, masterminded by the Vatican Secretary of State, which silenced the Second Vatican Council in the face of Soviet Communism.

Speaking to Canada’s Catholic Register only days after Pope Benedict’s abdication, Cardinal Zen finally let the other shoe drop: “For years they (the Communist Party of China) had everything their way. The Holy See adopted a policy of appeasement and compromise. So they were happy that they could control more and more the Catholic Church, and they could make slaves of the bishops.”

Today, after decades of coddling by the Vatican Secretary of State, the government-controlled Catholic Patriotic Association (CPA) operates a schismatic “official” pseudo-church whose bishops are handpicked by Beijing and consecrated without a papal mandate. Yet the Vatican declares no schism, treating these puppet bishops as if they were legitimate successors of the Apostles, while the likes of Archbishop Muller (head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) accuses the impeccably orthodox Catholic bishops of the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) of lacking “full communion” with the Catholic Church. Ridiculous.

Zen told the Catholic Register that he wrote to Pope Benedict to protest that “it is only because of your kindness that the ‘official’ Church is not called schismatic. It is actually schismatic without being named. It’s risking being a schismatic Church with the blessing of the Holy See, because the Holy Father cannot command that Church. The whole command is in the hands of the government.”

Now that Benedict has declared his abdication, Zen apparently feels his tongue is loosed against the Pope’s so-called collaborators: “For a long time I have abstained from talking about the Holy See. But I think that is unfair. We must be fair to everybody. They (Vatican officials) should take the responsibility.”

And this is the situation for which they are responsible: the puppet bishops of the CPA, notes Zen, “are all slaves of the government. There are some illegitimate, some legitimate (bishops), but they are all on the side of the government.... They impose an imperial command on the Church. They are treating the bishops as slaves. They just bring them here or there like dogs on a chain.”

“Under an atheist government,” Zen asks, “how can you accept bishops proposed by the government? It’s ridiculous,” said Zen. Not only ridiculous, but criminal. And the faithful Catholics of China’s persecuted “underground” Church continue to pay a heavy price for the Vatican’s Ostpolitik, which continues to plague the Church more than half a century after it made its first appearance.

Bravo, Cardinals Casaroli, Sodano and Bertone — the successive Secretaries of State who have pursued their policy of appeasement unswervingly. You have done your work well! Now the Catholic Church in China is thoroughly enchained by a communist regime. At least Pope Benedict, in retirement, will no longer have to contend with the likes of you.

May God send us a successor who will have to strength to make of the Vatican a clean-swept house, devoid of the influence of the worldly wise fools who have presided over one disaster after another during the past half-century of unprecedented crisis in the Church. Our Lady of Fatima, give us a Pope of true reform!