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Article No. 6

Some Wise Words
from Father Gruner

by Christopher A. Ferrara
March 19, 2013

The pontificate of Pope Francis is but six days old, yet certain pundits and commentators of the Internet are already publicly renting their cyber garments and pronouncing the new Pope anathema: his humility is really pride, he hates the traditional Latin Mass, his former archdiocese is a disaster area, etc.

Father Gruner is a prudent man, as anyone who knows him (versus the caricature produced by his critics) can attest. When asked what he thinks of the new Pope, his reply was characteristically prudent: “You can criticize anybody for anything. For example, if someone works hard he must be overly ambitious. Or if he dresses plainly he is just trying to impress people with his frugality. Or if he shows loyalty he is only trying to curry favor with a higher-up. That kind of guessing game about motives never ends. And what does it get us besides a justified accusation of rash judgment?”

For Father Gruner the question of what the new papacy will mean for the Church reduces to one fundamental question: “What is his fundamental intention? The interior motive is what matters, and we are hardly in a position to judge that after only three days, especially when it comes to a Pope. Unless we are forced to a different conclusion, we have a duty to presume that this Pope is exactly what he appears to be: a pious man with a deep devotion to the Blessed Virgin. Time will reveal any serious problems with the Pope’s intentions. And then it will be our right and duty to convey our concerns to His Holiness.”

As always, Father Gruner has one overriding aim in mind when it comes to the new pontificate: the Consecration of Russia. “The last Pope left office admitting that we have not yet seen the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary — yet another papal reference to the supposedly ‘private revelation’ that, supposedly, no one need believe in. Well, the former Pope believes in it. We haven’t seen the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart because the Consecration of Russia to Mary that is its precondition has yet to be done.”

Father Gruner’s approach to the crisis in the Church is not an ad hoc one, but a global one centered around the Fatima Message: “Those who are concerned about what this Pope will do, or fail to do, about this or that problem in the Church should stop viewing the crisis in the Church as a kind of political struggle. They should begin appealing to the Mother of the God to see to it that the Pope finally does what She requested at Fatima, so that the Triumph that Pope Benedict sees in the hazy future will become a present reality. We need the peace that Our Lady promised at Fatima. And what is peace? Not just the absence of war, as good as that is, but also interior peace, the tranquility of order, that will set things right in the Church as well as in the world. That is what the Mother of God promised the Church and the world if Her requests were granted.”

“We should hope and pray that another pontificate will not end with the Pope lamenting that the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart has yet to occur, for we are running out of time — the hundredth anniversary of the Fatima apparitions approaches. We know what happened to the King of France after exactly one hundred years of failing to carry out the Consecration of France to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, as Our Lord requested in another so-called ‘private apparition’ — to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque in 1689. King Louis was guillotined and France descended into a revolutionary bloodbath that changed the whole world for the worse.”

Father Gruner will seek a personal audience with Pope Francis. He requests that the faithful pray it will be granted to him.