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Pope Confirms: Cardinal Bertone the “Fatima Oracle”
Under Investigation for Embezzlement

by Christopher A. Ferrara
May 28, 2014

For years now, the proponents of the neo-Catholic “Message of Fatima,” which reduces Our Lady’s prophecy and warnings to the Church to a generic call to prayer and penance, have relied upon the representations of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone about what Sister Lucia allegedly said to him in private unrecorded interviews.

According to Bertone, among other patently incredible representations, Sister Lucia “confessed” that Our Lady never linked the Third Secret of Fatima to the year 1960, even though the two envelopes pertaining to the Secret bear Sister Lucia’s handwritten notation of the “express order of Our Lady” that the Secret was not to be revealed until 1960. The same Bertone assured us that Sister Lucia “confirmed” the 1984 ceremony consecrating the world to Mary was “accepted by heaven” as the requested Consecration of Russia. Of course, Sister Lucia was never permitted to address these issues in public, lest she say something the Vatican apparatus did not wish us to hear.

Then there was Bertone’s “interpretation” of the Third Secret, which he inherited from his predecessor Cardinal Sodano — the same Sodano who was instrumental in covering up for decades the immense scandal involving Father Marcial Maciel Degollado — that the Secret “belongs to the past” and depicts at its culmination nothing more than the failed attempt on the life of John Paul II in 1981. Nonsense, of course.

Now, according to the neo-Catholic Party Line on Fatima, Bertone, along with Sodano, are the “Fatima oracles” we should consult for the true meaning of the Message of Fatima in general and the Third Secret in particular. As they would have it, “the Church has spoken” because Sodano and Bertone have spoken. Really? I don’t think so.

Bertone was no more trustworthy than his predecessor in the matter, and neither had the least competence to bind the Church to his “interpretation” of the most important of all Marian apparitions. And now what do we find but that Pope Francis, during a press conference on the flight home from Jerusalem, has “confirmed rumors swirling around Rome that the Holy See’s former secretary of state, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, is indeed being investigated for a discrepancy of around 20 million (€15 million) that somehow made it from the Vatican Bank (known as the Institute for the Works of Religion) to a private television company called Lux Vide,” which is operated by one of Bertone’s (i.e., “the Fatima oracle’s”) friends.

At the same time, news reports abound about the sumptuous Vatican apartment Bertone is renovating for himself at the cost of the faithful, as to which he quibbles about the exact square footage and huffs that others will be able to luxuriate therein after he is dead.

How ironic, but how utterly appropriate: the two Vatican prelates whose claims respecting the Message of Fatima formed the very basis of the neo-Catholic Party Line that “Fatima is finished” because “the Church has spoken,” are both neck-deep in massive scandals evincing their utter lack of credibility. Yet these are the men on whom the neo-Catholic spokesmen for Fatima revisionism would have the Church and the world rely for the meaning of the apocalyptic vision in that part of the Third Secret we have been allowed to see.

Meanwhile, thanks to the connivance of both of these manifestly untrustworthy Vatican bureaucrats, Our Lady’s explanation of the vision remains well hidden in the Vatican. As the post-conciliar ecclesial crisis She no doubt predicted reaches a new level of intensity, may God help us all.