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Pope Sodano I

by Christopher A. Ferrara

In 1967 Cardinal Villot, with the authorization of Pope Paul VI, reorganized the Roman Curia, making the Vatican Secretary of State superior over all the Vatican dicasteries (departments). These departments include the former Holy Office, which is now called the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

The result is that the Secretary of State, whose function is supposed to be primarily political (i.e. handling the temporal affairs of the Vatican city state, including its diplomatic relations with other states) became a kind of Vatican prime minister in charge of departments with both temporal and spiritual functions. The increased power of the Secretary of State, combined with the failing health of Pope John Paul II, has produced a de facto dictatorship in which the daily governance of Church affairs has devolved unto one man who was elected by no conclave: Cardinal Angelo Sodano.

As reported by Newsweek magazine on March 31st of this year, "An official in the Vatican tells Newsweek that Pope John Paul II, who will turn 82 in May, has lost his ability to run the Vatican with a firm and decisive hand. ‘He is no longer the leader,’ says an archbishop at the Vatican. ‘He reads whatever they give him to read. Most of the time, he signs ... whatever they give him to sign.’" Quoting a Vatican Cardinal, Newsweek further reports that "The Pope no longer has the energy to face up to the pressures of the different currents inside the Vatican."

By default, then, Cardinal Sodano is now the most powerful man in the Church in practical terms. Nowhere is this more apparent than in his dictation of the Party Line on Fatima. In the commentary on the Third Secret prepared by Cardinal Ratzinger and Archbishop Bertone, we find no fewer than four admissions that it is Cardinal Sodano who is imposing his interpretation of Fatima - that it "belongs to the past" - upon the Church:

"Before attempting an interpretation, the main lines of which can be found in the statement read by Cardinal Sodano on May 13 of this year …"

"For this reason the figurative language of the vision is symbolic. In this regard Cardinal Sodano stated …"

"As is clear from the documentation presented here, the interpretation offered by Cardinal Sodano, in his statement on 13 May, was first put personally to Sister Lucia. …"

"First of all, we must affirm with Cardinal Sodano that the events to which the Third Secret of Fatima refers now seem part of the past."

What competence does the Vatican Secretary of State have to "interpret" the Message of Fatima for the rest of us? None. Who gave Cardinal Sodano the right to impose his version of Fatima upon the Church? Nobody. And who is leading the Vatican’s apparatus in its insane persecution of "the Fatima priest," Father Nicholas Gruner, while nothing is done to stop the homosexual infiltration of the hierarchy? None other than "Pope" Sodano I - put in place by the curial reorganization of Pope Paul VI.

Finally, what are the fruits of the "pontificate" of Sodano I - who consigns Fatima to the past, precludes the consecration and conversion of Russia and promotes an International Criminal Court that will extend the judicial reign of godlessness throughout the world? The fruits can be summed up in one word: disaster.