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A Stunning Rebuke from Nigeria for
the "Religion of Peace" Crowd
in the West and the Vatican

by Christopher A. Ferrara
October 18, 2017

In his prophetic remarks about the coming crisis in the Church, uttered in light of the Message of Fatima when he was still Cardinal Pacelli, the future Pius XII also made this prophetic prediction to a curial cardinal about the role of the “undeveloped” nations during the crisis:  “The undeveloped [nations] will save the Church, Eminence.  A day will come when the civilized world will deny its God, when the Church will doubt as Peter doubted.”  (Roche, Pie XII Devant L’Histoire, p. 53.)

The day has indeed come when the so-called civilized world denies its God, while the so-called undeveloped world retains its faith in Him.  So too has the day come when the Church (in her human element) doubts as Peter doubted. Today, Western leaders and Catholic churchmen, from the Pope on down, heap praise on Islam as a “religion of peace” and turn their backs on the Social Kingship of Christ, while the West descends into an abyss of total depravity. But the Catholics of Nigeria, as even Fox News has recognized, “are remarkable. Tough, charismatic, and possessed of an irrepressible joy, no one could ever conquer a people of such spirit.”  This is true even though Nigerian Catholics are under relentless attack from the Muslim fanatics of Boko Haram and the Fulani Herdsmen, who are perpetrating genocide against them, which the Western powers ignore and even the Vatican barely mentions.

As the Fox News story rightly observed of the plight of Nigeria’s persecuted Christians in general: “But the West has failed them.  Abandoned them, really.  Deep into the country, away from the operations of oil companies with their heavy security and guarded compounds, Westerners are almost non-existent.” Having fled in fear of radical Islam, Westerners nonetheless promote the “religion of peace” myth in public discourse. They are joined by the current occupant of the Chair of Peter, who assumes the role of a Koranic exegete when he declares in Evangelii Gaudium that “authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence” — one of the more glaring historical examples of the utter fallibility of papal opinions on matters beyond the papal competence.

Indeed, the human element of the Catholic Church, now in the throes of the greatest crisis in Church history, almost unanimously sings the praises of Islam while it abandons the divine commission to win souls to Christ for their salvation.  The situation has degenerated to the point that it falls to Peter Akinola, the Archbishop of the Anglican Church in Nigeria, to level a rebuke against the West that applies with equal force to the Vatican in its zeal to promote the Islamicization of Europe:

“You came to my country and told us there is only one God through whom we could be saved, Jesus Christ, and we believed you, and followed Him.  You told us there is only one true book to know him, the Bible, and we believed you, and read it.  Now you tell us Allah of Islam is also god, and that we can use the Qur’an to learn about God.  You invited the Muslims here as guests, and they have now become your hosts.  So now I come to your country to remind you of what you have forgotten.”

And the Virgin Mother of God has come to earth to remind Catholic churchmen of what they have forgotten: that Christ is King and that She is His Heavenly Queen, whose Immaculate Heart will triumph over Islam and the entire “mentality dominating modernity” (to quote Antonio Socci) when Russia is at long last consecrated to that same Immaculate Heart.