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"Religion of Peace" Update

Muslim Prisons for Christians

by Christopher A. Ferrara

As the organs of political correctness, and even the Vatican apparatus, continue to tell us that - all together now - "Islam is a religion of peace," the forces of Islam continue their persecution of Christians around the world.

In Saudi Arabia, for example, a so-called "moderate" Islamic republic, CWNews.com reports that "Thirteen Christians from other countries spent Christmas and New Year's Day in prison because of their religious practices." What was their offense? According to a Fides news agency report cited by CWNews, "Saudi Arabia continues to imprison Christians who are found practicing their faith. The 13 foreign nationals, charged with propagating Christianity, were arrested between July and September in Jeddah and have been held since that time."

But Islam is a religion of peace.

CWNews notes that "Offenses against Saudi Arabia's strict laws prohibiting the practice of non-Muslim religions are considered serious crimes."

But Islam is a religion of peace.

Consider the following:

  • Not just "9/11," but every single major terrorist attack abroad in the past fifteen years has been committed by Islamic terrorists.
  • In 1999 in the "moderate" Islamic republic of Egypt, the local police arrested all Christians in the town of Al-Kosseh on suspicion of the murder of one Moslem. The "suspects" were beaten and tortured, and the women raped. Several of the men were crucified.
  • In Nigeria in 1999 the Islamic legal code, Sharia’a, was enacted. Five hundred Christians were killed within a month, and Christians were burned alive in their homes.
  • In Senegal in 1999, a law was enacted forbidding the building of any Christian schools.
  • In Indonesia in 2000, 800 Christians were murdered, 20 churches were destroyed, and bombing attacks on churches killed 14 people.
  • In Saudi Arabia in 2000, Christians were imprisoned for meeting in a private place to pray.
  • In Sudan in 2000, the death toll in the Sudanese civil war reached 2 million, and the Islamic government declared a jihad on the South. Christian women and children have been deported, their husbands killed and their homes burned to the ground.
  • In the Philippines in 2000, the tortured body of a Catholic priest, Father Gallardo, was found after the mass kidnapping of Catholic nuns by Islamic militants.
  • But Islam is a religion of peace.

    Ah, the politically correct will say, all of these examples are just "perversions of authentic Islam. Islam is a religion of peace." But answer me this: If Islam is a religion of peace, why has violence and persecution of Christians flourished wherever Islam becomes the dominant religion? Where, oh where, are the fruits of peace on the great tree of Islam?

    Father Jacques Emily (the source of many of the facts cited here) has written that "When the coward fears the battle, he says to his enemy ‘We are friends.’" So it is with those who claim that Islam is a religion of peace. The Muslims, for their part, do not fear the battle; and they have been waging one against Christians since Islam was invented nearly 1400 years ago.