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"Moderate Muslims" Update

by Christopher A. Ferrara
August 10, 2016

This column inaugurates a new topic for Fatima Perspectives: exposing the fraud of “moderate” Islam.

In recent weeks, Pope Francis has continued his bizarre, dogged defense of the religion invented by Mohammed, whom Saint John Damascene described as “a false prophet” who “gave out that a certain book had been sent down to him from heaven. He had set down some ridiculous compositions in this book of his…” 

As the whole world knows, Francis has even gone so far as to equate Islamic terror and the mass murder of Christians with “Catholic violence,” meaning — believe it or not — any homicide committed by someone who happens to be a Catholic: “If I speak of Islamic violence, I also have to speak of Catholic violence.”  Is this the Vicar of Christ speaking?

Francis consistently parrots the liberal line that there is a “moderate Islam” that has nothing to do with jihad, when in fact there are simply Muslims — indeed the vast majority — who do not personally engage in jihad but rather silently accept it.  Jihad is nonetheless thematic to the Koran, and is the very means by which Islam has spread from the moment Mohammed invented it and began his conquering raids.

And now from the “moderate” Islamic constituency in Italy comes something else from the “ridiculous compositions” for which Mohammed claimed a heavenly origin: the demand for legalization of polygamy as a civil right under Italian law.

You couldn’t ask for a more “moderate” Muslim than Hamza Roberto Piccardo, a convert to Mohammed’s religion who is a founding member of the Union of Islamic Communities in Italy and served as a spokesman for the European Muslim Network.  Piccardo’s Koranic demand is very simple: “When it comes to civil rights here, then polygamy is a civil right. Muslims do not agree with homosexual partnerships, and yet they have to accept a system that allows it. There is no reason why Italy should not accept polygamous marriages of consenting persons.”

An interesting liberal dilemma is now presented: On precisely what ground can the Italian government stand to oppose polygamy given that it has legalized the abomination of “civil unions” between two men who engage in the practice for which God destroyed Sodom? On liberal principles, Piccardo would seem to have an airtight argument for legal recognition of the “moderate” Muslim living arrangement practiced with voluptuous abandon by the founder of his religion.

As Breitbart reports: “Debora Serracchiani, deputy chairman of [Italy’s] ruling Democratic Party (PD) said: ‘Centuries of fighting for women’s rights can not simply be brushed aside. Polygamy has nothing to do with civil rights.’”  Really?  But what if a Muslim woman prefers to be one of several wives attached to a “moderate” Muslim husband who might be a very good provider for all his wives?  After all, Piccard is not talking about forced polygamy, but rather the very thing liberals incessantly defend: “consensual sexual relationships” in “the privacy of the bedroom.”

Who is Serracchiani to tell a “moderate” Muslim woman that she cannot marry a “moderate” Muslim man who already has one wife? What about “love,” which liberals use to justify every other abomination they would like to see legalized in the realm of marriage? 

Wait: Are these liberal opponents of polygamy now declaring that marriage is between only two people?  But on what basis can they so declare consistently with their own liberalism?  Indeed, what if two male “gays” wish to add a third “partner” to their marriage because of “love”?  What would Serracchiani have to say about that?  Quite a pickle for the liberal mind.

But quite a pickle for the liberalized Vatican apparatus as well.  The Vatican observed a stony silence as Italy legalized “homosexual unions.” What will it have to say about this “moderate Muslim” demand for polygamy?  Having failed to defend marriage against the march of homosexualism in Italy, how can the Vatican now defend the same institution against the Islamic resurgence the Vatican itself has encouraged — nay, demanded in the person of Francis?

As we witness the horror show of a civilization in the midst of its own self-destruction, unhindered by a Church whose human element has rendered itself socially impotent, one can only think yet again of what Sister Lucia warned in light of the Third Secret of Fatima:  “the final battle between the Lord and the reign of Satan will be about marriage and the family.”