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Bravo, Cardinal Cipriani!

by Christopher A. Ferrara

What a joy it is to report some good news about the state of the Church! On September 6, 2001 reported that Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani of Lima, the primate of Peru, has "instructed pastors to deny Holy Communion to politicians and other public figures if they persist in public support for abortion."

Bravo! Bravissimo! This is what the Church militant is supposed to be. This is what the Social Kingship of Christ is all about: the Catholic Church reminding civil authorities that they, too, are governed by the law of God. No "separation of Church and state" here.

Why did the Cardinal act? Because of what he called "the increasing culture of death" as well as the need for "consistent criteria to deal with this grave moral problem." The Cardinal issued these criteria in a pastoral document which reminds all local pastors in the parishes of Peru that abortion is "a horrendous crime" because "it takes away the life of an innocent creature entitled to be loved by his parents, and who has been deprived of enjoying the goods of this life, in particular Baptism and the graces of Christianity." The same document instructs local pastors that after having given a pro-abort politician a private warning, they are to refuse him Holy Communion if he persists in his support of abortion.

Now, let us imagine what would happen to the abortion industry in America if every American bishop and cardinal issued a similar pastoral document and demanded its enforcement, and if every parish priest refused Holy Communion to every pro-abortion politician who tries to exploit the Church for his political advantage while spitting in the face of Our Lord.

Take it a step further: What if every bishop led the priests of every diocese and their parishioners on massive marches on the local abortion mill to pray and demonstrate there each week? And what if the American hierarchy signed and published everywhere a proclamation calling for a moratorium on all abortions in this nation?

The Catholic Church has the power to shut down the abortion industry – peacefully, without firing a shot or setting off a bomb. When every American prelate does what Cardinal Cipriani has done, it will be the beginning of the end for America’s abortion cartel. Let us hope and pray that every prelate in North America follows the example of the Cardinal from Peru. Why not send your bishop an email urging him to do just that? Just find your diocesan website on the Internet and urge your bishop to adopt the Cipriani solution.