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A Most Revealing Photograph

by Christopher A. Ferrara
November 1, 2017

One of the tritest of trite expressions is that a picture is worth a thousand words.  And yet it is true, especially if one studies the picture in all its implications.

Consider, for example, this most revealing photograph:

The photo was taken at the very moment Rosary-praying Catholics were about to be forcibly removed by police from the cathedral in Brussels during an insane “ecumenical service” to “celebrate” the Protestant Revolt, aka the “Reformation.”  Arms linked, they were praying the Rosary in reparation for the sacrilege taking placing before them.

Study the picture. Notice that the two rows of Catholics reciting the Rosary are composed entirely of young people. Now look behind them to the rows of people attending the “celebration” of the “Reformation” without protest.  Notice that they are late-middle-aged or older, most with gray hair.

Look next at the young woman in the foreground: shamelessly attired in a tight mini-skirt and black leggings, she can be seen in the video here extracting what appears to be a program for the scandalous event from the hands of one of the youths praying the Rosary before they are removed, one by one, from the premises.

This one photograph tells the whole story of the state of the Church today: a decadent and dying “mainstream” given over to ecumenical madness, literally attempting to commit suicide, while young people courageously invoke the intercession of the Blessed Virgin and are arrested for praying the signature Catholic prayer on consecrated Catholic ground.  And the only sign of youth affiliated with the dying establishment is a shamelessly attired woman who violates every standard of modesty as she assists in an unholy ceremony in what is supposed to be a holy place.

The next sham Synod, on “Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment,” is supposed to be all about “listening to the young.”  It is a very safe bet that there will be no listening to the young who are flocking to the traditional Latin Mass all over the world, who have had enough of the failed, trendy Catholicism of the past fifty years, and who represent the real future of the Church, which awaits the day of her restoration.   Indeed, Francis has repeatedly denounced these faithful young Catholics for their “rigidity,” even suggesting that they are “sick.”

Instead, we can be certain that the youth of miniskirts, selfies with the Pope, and “irregular relationships” will receive an attentive hearing, as if to ensure the continued decadence of a decadent establishment.  The effort will fail, just as the entire disastrous experiment with novelty has failed.  But the dictatorial regime of novelty in the post-conciliar Church aims to impose its will until the bitter end, as if determined to provoke the wrath of God.

Marco Tosatti has published a letter from a major figure in the Church, known only as “Big Shot,” in which we read:

“Dear Tosatti, you won’t believe it, but I am beginning to really be afraid. I have begun to pray once again the prayer of exorcism to St. Michael the Archangel written by Pope Leo XIII (recited at the end of Holy Mass until 1964 when it was unexplainably ‘deleted’). I ask myself if I will have the strength to take action without any assistance from my Holy Roman Catholic Apostolic Church, sensing rather that it sets itself daily more and more against the Gospels and the Truth that it taught me. The Cardinals and Bishops who still believe in the Truth of Christ had better do something quickly! I fear we are in the End Times, dear Tosatti. I am a “Big Shot” but terrified…”

The final consummation of the Message of Fatima cannot be long in coming, as the prophecy of the Third Secret, concerning sin within the Church, unfolds in what Pope Benedict XVI called “a really terrifying way” — three years before he abruptly and mysteriously abandoned his papacy.