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"Springtime" of Vatican II Update

Latino Catholics Becoming Muslims

by Christopher A. Ferrara

What could be more ironic in view of 9-11 than the news that all across America groups of Latinos are abandoning Roman Catholicism to join "the religion of peace" invented by Mohammed.

On December 17, 2001 The New York Times ran a feature story entitled "A New Minority Makes Itself Known: Hispanic Muslims." The article notes that "In recent years Latino Muslim groups have formed in most large cities in the United States, stretching from New York to Los Angeles." While Latino Muslims are still only a tiny fraction (about 25,000) of the nation’s Islamic population of 4 million to 6 million, the number of Latino Muslims "appears to be growing by the year," says the Times.

Why would Catholics leave the Church to become Muslims? One reason noted in the Times article was expressed by a professor of religious studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara: "There are those in the Roman Catholic tradition who are discontent with the modernizing trends of the Catholic Church. To these people, a religious tradition such as Islam, that attempts to maintain a fairly strict set of patterns and practices, becomes attractive."

It is a sad day for our beloved Church when people feel they must leave her to find discipline and tradition. But anyone who has witnessed the three-ring circus that passes for Catholic worship in many parishes today would hardly be surprised at this news. The "renewal" of Vatican II marches on.

Another sign of the "renewal" at work is that not even the pastors of these former Catholics are willing to criticize the false religion which now claims their own sheep as adherents. One ex-Catholic Muslim Latino woman belongs to a staunchly Catholic family, which includes a sister who is a nun. When her mother expressed opposition to her daughter’s abandonment of the Catholic faith, the daughter told the mother to "ask her priest about Muslims." When the mother did so, the priest - in typical post-conciliar fashion - told the mother that Islam "was a good religion." As the daughter observes: "That’s what I recommend to people - to ask their family to ask their priest, because they know since they’ve studied comparative religions."

So, this is where we stand after forty years of the "springtime of Vatican II" - Latinos leave the faith to become Muslims, while the local parish priest validates their decision to apostatize. And why should we be surprised, given that the Vatican itself is now urging Catholics to fast together with Muslims on the last day of Ramadan? In the post-Fatima vision of the world - a vision that makes traditional priests like Father Nicholas Gruner its victims - all religions are good, and no one can be condemned for choosing the false religion invented by Mohammed.

May God save His Holy Church from the post-conciliar Churchmen who have brought her to this sorry state.