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A New Low for the New Mass

by Christopher A. Ferrara

As even Cardinal Ratzinger, Msgr. Klaus Gamber and other perceived "moderates" have admitted, the new Mass imposed upon the Church by Pope Paul VI is a fabricated product which too easily lends itself to improvisation and loss of the sense of the sacred. Ratzinger has gone so far as to say that "I am convinced that the ecclesial crisis in which we find ourselves is due in large part to the collapse of the liturgy."

That the number 2 man at the Vatican would admit that the liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church has "collapsed" should give even the most obtuse neo-Catholic defender of the New Mass pause for reflection. How could the Catholic liturgy collapse? This development - like so much else about the conciliar "springtime" - has no precedent in Church history.

I have yet to see a more striking example of why the New Mass has been a disaster for the Church than a story in the Detroit Free Press on May 22, 2002. The story reports that one Father Pat Casey has decided that it is appropriate to update hockey scores during Mass whenever the Detroit Red Wings are playing a game at the same time Mass is being offered. As the article reports: "And so, in the middle of Mass, he intoned: ‘Red Wings 3, Avalanche 2.’ And then, ‘Red Wings 4, Avalanche 2.’ And then the Red Wings won Game 1. And the crowd was pleased. And Father Casey, wearing a winged wheel on his vestment, was pleased as well."

The article further reveals that "Casey, a die-hard Wings fan, arranged for a neighbor to hold up signs in the back of his church, St. Dominic's. He frequently mentions the Wings when he addresses his congregation." According to Father Casey, "I think there is a natural link between praising God and athletes’ pushing their bodies to limits." Huh? He further enthuses that "Sports celebrate accomplishment. People reach beyond themselves through athletics. It's all very akin to our relationship to God. Sports is a wonderful way to give glory to God. I don't see anything wrong with it at all." Oh yes, hockey is just a wonderful way to give glory to God. What better way to give glory to God than slamming your opponent against the glass wall or dropping him with a deft blow of a hockey stick? And when that puck finds nothing but net - hallelujah! No doubt there are many hockey teams in Heaven, all giving glory to God with an endless series of goals.

Oh brother. Now the article notes that "this mixture of church and sports has not gone over well with some people." Is this because what Father Casey is doing is a sacrilege that makes a mockery of Holy Mass and defiles the sanctuary of God? No, the reason, according to Father Casey, is that "I have had complaints from my parishioners who are Detroit Piston fans. They said I didn't do enough to promote the Pistons."

Ha, ha, ha. This Father Casey is a real card, isn’t he? And just the perfect priest for the "renewed" Church of the conciliar "springtime." After all, with so many sexual abuse suits being filed against "gay" priests and even bishops, we could use a little humor, couldn’t we? (Newsflash: The Bishop of Lexington, Kentucky has just been hit with 12 lawsuits, including one filed by a former altar boy the bishop himself is alleged to have molested in 1981.) Yes, that’s what the Church needs - comical priests to take our minds off the tragedy.

The current crisis in the Church is so profound, so bizarre, that it is almost laughable. As we consider this new low for the New Mass - and I thought I had heard everything - we must ask ourselves: What did Our Lady of Fatima have to say about our current situation in that portion of the Third Secret which Mother Angelica and millions of others believe is being withheld from us? Does anyone really believe that the Mother of God failed to warn us about what we are now witnessing in the Church?