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"Renewal of Vatican II" Update

Just What the Church Needs - "Deaconesses"

by Christopher A. Ferrara

Forty years of post-conciliar innovation in the Church have been accompanied by the worst crisis of faith and discipline in Church history. But even the current homosexual priest scandal - the direct result of abandoning traditional seminary admission standards - has not deterred the innovators. In the midst of it all they have just launched a trial balloon for female deacons. Just what we need to go along with the female altar boys that have made a mockery of traditional male service at the altar.

On October 7, 2002 CWNews announced that "the International Theological Commission (ITC) has concluded a long study of the diaconate, and issued a ‘nearly unanimous’ report that finds the debate on the possibility of ordaining women as deacons is ‘still open,’ and must be settled by the magisterium rather than by theologians." In other words, the ITC gives the green light to lady deacons, but needs some document signed by the Pope - rather like the one the innovators obtained on altar girls.

CWN reports that the ITC’s "findings" will now "form the basis for a new document on the diaconate, to be issued by the Congregation." Just a moment. If the ITC said the matter must be settled by the Magisterium, then how could the ITC document be the basis for a document by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which serves as an organ of the Magisterium when its documents are approved by the Pope? Is the CDF likewise going to declare that the question is "still open"? What would be the point of such a pronouncement by the CDF?

No, it appears the fix is in. It seems we are looking at the prospect of a CDF approval for some type of lady pseudo-deacon, standing in the sanctuary, reading the Gospel, performing baptisms, and generally aiding liberalism’s long march through the Catholic Church.

Meanwhile, we can look for more doubletalk from Vatican functionaries as they figure out how to drop the bomb. CWN notes that "in 1998, as he introduced a new ‘directory for the ministry and life of permanent deacons,’ Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos," the prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy - the same prelate who has spent so much time hounding Father Nicholas Gruner - "said that the Vatican wished to avoid any ‘confusion on the idea of the diaconate,’ and told reporters that such confusion could arise from premature discussion of the ordination of female deacons." Premature discussion - meaning not just now, but certainly later.

CWN also quotes Msgr. Ronald Minnerath, a French member of the International Theological Commission, as warning "against any misinterpretation of the Commission's report. The group had not suggested that women might be ordained as deacons, he told the Roman news agency I Media; rather the report had ‘not closed the door’ to that possibility." Oh, I see: the Commission isn’t saying that women might be ordained as deacons, but rather that the door is open to the possibility. This is what lawyers call a distinction without a difference.

The last thing the Catholic Church needs is yet another innovation on top of the mountain of unprecedented changes that have brought chaos where once there was order, regularity and dignity in the Church. But it seems this process of destructive change must play itself out before a restoration can begin. My bet is that we will see lady deacons in the Catholic Church before the end of 2003. But perhaps it is best that the revolution run its course sooner rather than later. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!