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Achtung, Commandant Irace!

by Christopher A. Ferrara

As the American bishops hire "experts" to help them cover up their cover-up of the homosexual infiltration of the clergy, they have issued a new decree on the heels of the USCCB’s repudiation of Jewish conversion. The American bishops now declare that it is illicit to kneel for Holy Communion. This latest insane dictate is already being enforced with fascistic and Stalinistic rigor in the once fairly conservative diocese of Arlington, Virginia under its new "spirit of Vatican II" bishop, Paul S. Loverde.

The intrepid Catholic layman and scholar, Joseph Strada, recently wrote to Loverde to protest a recent instance of enforcement of the new dictate:

Your Excellency,

I am writing to most strongly protest the despicable treatment of theHonorable Richard Black, member of the Virginia House of Delegates, by yourCathedral's Rector, Fr. Dominic Irace, at the 9:30 Mass on Sunday, 22September. During Delegate Black's first visit to the Cathedral for Mass,he dropped to one knee to receive Holy Communion… Fr. Irace, however, told him that he muststand to receive. Delegate Black chose, instead, to move on, since Fr.Irace would only administer the Sacred Host under his (Irace's) ‘terms'.

This affront to Delegate Black, and his family, is doubly shameful because Delegate Black is, without question, the most courageous defender of the innocent unborn on the floor of the House of Delegates in Richmond. One hasto wonder if Fr. Irace would have been so bold as to refuse Holy Communionto Senator Ted Kennedy or other militantly pro-abortion ‘Catholic’politicians who regularly attend Mass in Arlington churches.

To further compound this outrageous insult to the Black family, Fr. Iraceverbally assaulted Delegate Black, shouting insults to him as he exited theCathedral. When Delegate Black tried to avoid Fr. Irace, pointing out thathe had refused him Holy Communion, Fr. Irace shouted ‘you liar!’ severaltimes. As Delegate Black left the Cathedral, Fr. Irace loudly called him a ‘conservative idiot,’ before many witnesses… Are these ‘pastoral skills’ fit for a Rector? (One doubts, for example, that Irace would have called Ted Kennedy a ‘liberal idiot.’)….

How does the neo-Catholic (aka "conservative" Catholic) establishment go on defending a corrupted institution - the USCCB - that has produced the likes of Commandant Irace, who uses "obedience" to destroy the piety of the people, and with it their very faith? How can organs of post-conciliar correctness like EWTN go on pretending that we are witnessing anything other than growing apostasy which we, as members of the laity, must resist by refusing to follow the wayward prelates who have produced this devastation?

Bishop Loverde and all the bishops like him should not receive a single farthing from the faithful until they restore every element of the stolen Roman Catholic patrimony that has been abandoned in the name of Vatican II. Let’s see how long the conciliar "springtime" lasts without the money that for too long has battened a bloated North American ecclesial bureaucracy that exercises iron discipline only when it comes to wrecking the Church.