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"Springtime of Vatican II" Update

Communion in the Hand Just Fine with Satanists

by Christopher A. Ferrara

When Paul VI gave in to the rebels and allowed the abuse of Communion in the hand wherever it had become "established," he himself warned of the danger of profanation involved in this practice. But he did nothing to stop its spread, and ended up permitting it everywhere.

Nobody likes Communion in the hand better than a Satanist. What better way is there to steal consecrated Hosts for black masses? Just walk right up and take a Host in your hand. It’s yours for the asking.

On July 5, 2004 CNA news reported that "Fr. Aldo Buonaiuto, director of an ‘emergency help line’ that assists young people wanting to get out of satanic cults" is warning that the rapid growth of Satanism in Italy "‘has created a market’ for consecrated hosts …" Buonaiuto told Famiglia Cristiana magazine that "a proliferation of cults exists which practice black masses, with the profanation of consecrated hosts, rape and torture." Fr. Buonaiuto also revealed the horrifying news that consecrated Hosts "sell for 80-500 euros, depending on the size of the host, the prominence of the church from which they were stolen, and who consecrated them. The highest price is placed on those that are consecrated in the churches of Rome, above all those closest to the Vatican."

And how are these Hosts stolen? "They are stolen in two ways: from the tabernacle, but also at the time of Holy Communion," he said. Fr. Buonaiuto further reported that "Some cults perform rituals with the consecrated hosts while under the influence of LSD or cocaine, led frequently by ex-priests who have offered themselves in the service of Satan."

Fr. Buonaiuto observed that "the proliferation of these cults is very much connected with ‘the loss of the sense of the sacred.’ Man needs to fill himself with something, and today the market is full of superficial alternatives, among them, Satanism."

But how could there have been such a loss of the sacred, and a rise in Satanism, during the "springtime of Vatican II"? I will tell you, if it isn’t already completely obvious after 40 years of bitter experience with this disaster: the "springtime of Vatican II" is an assault on the sacred, beginning with a ruined and debased Novus Ordo liturgy that features a Satanist’s delight: Communion in the hand. And the permission for the abuse that has so well served the needs of Satanists came from the top  —  the same place where, as Cardinal Ciappi disclosed, the apostasy in the Church predicted by the Third Secret of Fatima will begin.