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Sodano the Utopian

by Christopher A. Ferrara

Having succeeded, at least for now, in burying the Message of Fatima and its divine prescription for world peace, Cardinal Angelo Sodano has continued on his worldly path of pursuing a utopian, pan-denominational "civilization of love."

On July 8, 2005, Zenit.org reported that Cardinal Sodano has issued a statement from the Vatican on the London bombings, in which he declared: "From Rome, from the banks of the Tiber, we launch this appeal to all men of good will of all religions. We must put an end to this clash of civilizations; we must inaugurate a new era for our humanity. This hatred must come to an end."

Notice that the appeal was to men of all religions  —  yet another sign that the current Vatican apparatus now regards all the religions of the world as bona fide participants in the building of the "new era for our humanity" that Sodano calls for. So much for the Social Kingship of Christ. So much for the teaching of Pius XI in Ubi Arcano Dei that "We do not need a peace that will consist merely in acts of external or formal courtesy, but a peace which will penetrate the souls of men and which will unite, heal, and reopen their hearts to that mutual affection which is born of brotherly love. The peace of Christ is the only peace answering this description: ‘let the peace of Christ rejoice in your hearts.’ (Colossians iii, 15) Nor is there any other peace possible than that which Christ gave to His disciples (John xiv, 27) for since He is God, He ‘beholdeth the heart’ (I Kings xvi, 7) and in our hearts His kingdom is set up."

Ignoring this teaching, however, Cardinal Sodano and his collaborators continue to call on "all religions" to act as instruments of peace, as if religions founded by mere men, many of which offer tribute to demons, could accomplish the task that only supernatural grace can make possible.

That need of supernatural grace for world peace, a grace conferred by and through the Holy Catholic Church, is the very reason Our Lady came to Fatima to call for the Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. It couldn’t be clearer: "If My requests are granted, many souls will be saved and there will be peace," She said. But instead of following this heavenly advice, Cardinal Sodano uses his Vatican pulpit to declare, fatuously, that "this hatred must come to an end." He might as well say: "Everybody be nice!" It is just about that silly.

The answer to the problem of world peace in our time is not, and never has been, any sort of utopian appeal to the peoples of the world to stop hating each other, as if a Cardinal’s words could change the behavior of millions of fallen men. The answer, as always, is the peace of Christ, which comes when men convert to Him and become members of His Church. The appeal to "all religions" should thus be to leave those religions and enter the one true religion founded by God Incarnate  —  whose Mother gave us the way to world peace at Fatima.