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Sodano and Gorbachev

by Christopher A. Ferrara

I have noted in a previous column that Mikhail Gorbachev is apparently the darling of the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Angelo Sodano. Sodano has twice invited the pro-abortion one-worlder to prestigious events at the Vatican, even as Catholics protest the appearance of pro-abort politicians at local parishes and Catholic colleges.

Mr. Gorbachev has some wonderful plans for you and me, and surely Cardinal Sodano is aware of them. Last year the loveable Gorby staged his annual State of the World Forum at the Hilton Towers in New York City. At this gala affair, Gorby and his collaborators provided a fascinating glimpse of the New World Order they envision. According to a report in WorldNetDaily.com [September 6, 2000] “the Forum vision sees the U.N. moving into the power position that opened up at the close of the Cold War.” To exploit this opening, “Gorbachev proposed a radical expansion of U.N. powers.”

Whatever does Gorby mean? He told us: “In 1988, I spoke of a new role for the U.N., a new body. In addition to the Security Council, we must have an Economic Council and an Environmental Council with authority equal to that of the Security Council.” In short, total world government.

WorldNetDaily also reported that “each speaker [at the Forum] had a new angle on the same idea: The United Nations should coordinate global governance. . . . Some speakers focused on environmental governance, others on educational efforts aimed at producing citizens with a commitment to global peace and justice. Global governance seeks stable world conditions so as to ensure the rights of humanity to clean air, stable markets and personal rights. Of course, some mechanism of enforcement is required if the rights of all are to be protected, say Forum participants.”

Of course, this global governance would assure “reproductive rights” to all women, which is to say abortion on demand. And, naturally, those who oppose “reproductive rights” too vigorously would have to be prosecuted by the world government, just as they are prosecuted under FACE (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act) in this country. Such prosecutions will inevitably be handled by the International Criminal Court which Cardinal Sodano has stupidly supported as an “advance” for “human rights” — as if human rights could be advanced by creating an international version of the same judicial systems which have legalized child-murder in every nation.

At a gathering in the Vatican to celebrate the recent elevation of new cardinals, Cardinal Sodano encountered none other than Father Nicholas Gruner, who was there in an attempt to speak to the new cardinals about the Message of Fatima — Heaven’s alternative to current Vatican diplomacy. At first Sodano was quite cordial; he even pulled on Father Gruner’s beard and asked if he was a Capuchin. But as soon as he realized it was Father Gruner he had encountered, Sodano made haste for the other side of the room.

It is telling indeed that Cardinal Sodano is more comfortable in the presence of a pro-abort like Mikhail Gorbachev, who preaches world government, than he is in the presence of a priest in a cassock, who preaches the Message of Fatima.

By their fruits ye shall know them. What are the fruits of the Vatican’s postconciliar policies of diplomacy and accommodation with the powers of the world, administered by prelates like Sodano? One look at the current state of the Church and the world will answer that question.