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Revival? What Revival?

by Christopher A. Ferrara
December 4, 2012

As the Vatican II “renewal” of the Church continues the post-conciliar “process of decay” admitted by Cardinal Ratzinger in The Ratzinger Report, the defenders of the conciliar “springtime” — blind to the deep winter their “reforms” have provoked — are perpetrating the myth of a revival in bloom.

Really? How, then, to explain statistics recently reported by Catholic World News? In only one year, from 2011 to 2012, the following declines were recorded:

  • the number of religious sisters in the United States declined from 57,113 to 55,045
  • the number of priests declined from 40,271 to 40,203
  • the number of seminarians declined from 5,247 to 5,015
  • the number of religious brothers declined from 4,650 to 4,518
  • Ah, but there was one increase! The number of “permanent deacons” — another of the novelties that followed the Council — rose from 17,436 to 17,816. Perhaps that is because a “permanent deacon,” unlike a “transitional deacon,” as the traditional diaconate leading to the priesthood is now called, can be married with children, as many are. That’s just the sort of “reform” that appeals to the relentless promoters of the supposed “new orientation” of the Church, who would like to see married priests in yet another disastrous emulation of the Protestant sects.

    It stands to reason that the Second Vatican Disaster would be followed by “growth” only and precisely in those areas where novelty has ruined the good order of the Church, and decline in those areas where good order prevailed before the Council. Thus, more “permanent deacons” and fewer priests, more liturgical change and fewer churchgoers, more Communion in the hand and less belief in the Real Presence, and so forth. In short, more innovation, and less faith. Or, in a word, silent apostasy, as John Paul II described the state of the Church in former Christendom not long before his death.

    Think of the partisans of novelty who now hold sway over the commonwealth of the Church as arrogant physicians, who insist upon continuing to administer the same medication that is plainly proving poisonous to their patient. Instead of discontinuing the deadly dose immediately, they prescribe more of the same as the patient slips into a coma. As they coldly and calculatedly continue to prescribe what is fatal to the victim of their malpractice, they proclaim the patient’s imminent recovery — or, even more perversely, they declare that the dying patient has never been healthier.

    When will this ecclesial malpractice end? Only when a hierarchy still in thrall to the “spirit of the Council” abandons its disastrous course and begins to administer to a suffering Church what the Virgin of Fatima has prescribed. Until then, the health of the Church will continue to decline, and only the promises of Christ will prevent her ultimate death.