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Is This For Real?

by Christopher A. Ferrara
August 1, 2013

Item: The mass media were delighted to report that immediately after the papal Mass on Copacabana beach during the just-completed papal trip to Brazil, thousands of women stripped down to their bikinis and plunged into the ocean for a post-Mass frolic in the surf. The reporter whose commentary is linked to above described the Mass as “a great beach party” for three million people.

Item: The day before the papal Mass on the beach, during a “liturgical” rehearsal, several hundred bishops made fools of themselves by attempting to twirl about and wave their arms in time to rock music, led by an obnoxious lay cheerleader who bellowed at them through a microphone as if he were conducting an episcopal aerobics class.

Item: Upon his return to Rome from Brazil, Pope Francis went to a famed Marian altar at Saint Mary Major and left upon it as gifts, not flowers or a religious relic, but a World Youth Day souvenir beach ball and sports jersey. The beach ball kept rolling off the altar, so the Pope used the sports shirt to hold it in place.

Is this for real? What has become of Holy Church? Sister Lucia provided the answer in two words: “diabolical disorientation.” No, it is not that the Pope and the bishops are literal agents of the devil. Rather, as predicted in the Third Secret — the part we have yet to see, but to which former Pope Benedict clearly alluded on May 13, 2010 — the devil has provoked unprecedented confusion in the Church since the Second Vatican Council, and this has led to a loss of the sense of what the Church really is: the spotless Bride of Christ, who is in the world but never of it.

It was not any “Fatimite,” but Pope Paul VI, who declared in 1972 that “the smoke of Satan has entered into the temple of God: there is doubt, uncertainty, problems, unrest. Doubt has entered our consciences, and it has entered through the windows which were meant to have been opened to the light. This state of uncertainty reigns even in the Church…. We will confide Our thoughts to you: there has been interference from an adverse power: his name is the devil...” (Paul VI, Insegnamenti, Ed. Vaticana, Vol. X, 1972, p. 707.)

It is no use blinding ourselves to reality: we are indeed witnessing what Paul VI himself saw after his “reforms” were introduced: diabolical interference in the life of the Church, the consequent decline of the Church since Vatican II, and thus the decline of the world at large along with her.

This is what the Third Secret foretells; and the culmination of that dire prophecy is what former Pope Benedict described three years ago: “future realities of the Church, which are little by little developing and revealing themselves.” Little by little developing and revealing themselves — not consigned to the past, as Cardinal Bertone would have us believe.

And the worst is yet to come — unless the Pope finally does what the Virgin of Fatima requested of him and the bishops. But while ecclesial follies of the past fifty years go on and on, Russia still awaits her consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.