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Is Burke a Dissenter?  Yes!

by Christopher A. Ferrara
February 23, 2015

Cardinal Burke has been courageous in his opposition to the poisonous agenda of the “Synod on the Family” aka The Phony Synod — phony because it has clearly been conceived and carried out by its controllers (as opposed to the majority of the Synod Fathers themselves) for the purpose of undermining, not defending, the family.  That is why the “midterm report” of the Phony Synod, with its “opening” to “gays” and Holy Communion for public adulterers, was published with the approval of Pope Francis before the Synod Fathers had even seen it.  That is, the Phony Synod’s midterm report was itself a phony; it was not a report by the Synod at all.

Now we learn that Father Tom Rosica, a slickly ultra-progressive spokesman for the Vatican press office, has suggested in a tweet that Cardinal Burke is a “dissenter.”  The tweet was his comment on an interview given by another ultra-progressive, that old smoothie Cardinal Donald Wuerl, who, in the name of the Phony Synod, has been pushing for the admission of public adulterers to Confession and Communion without any commitment to end their adulterous relations. Wuerl calls this a “pastoral application” of the Church’s doctrine on the indissolubility of marriage when in fact it is a blatant denial of doctrine.

Wuerl’s interview very revealingly recounted: “As I was watching the Holy Father on TV, my inbox was filling with a number of emails including an interview and an article by brother bishops who are less than enthusiastic about Pope Francis.”   Being a very cunning Modernist, Wuerl likened the reaction of his brother bishops to “dissent by some priests from the teaching in Humanae vitae,” which “led to their departure from priestly ministry.”  This from the same prelate who wants to give Holy Communion to unrepentant public adulterers!

Rosica’s tweet passed along a link to Wuerl’s crafty interview with the comment: “Cardinal Wuerl’s response to Burke (and dissenters)…” In other words, Rosica (and Wuerl) are depicting the Cardinal as a “dissenter.”

The Catholic commentator Austin Ruse, rightly concerned about this shot across the bow of any opposition to the media-driven “Francis Revolution,” writes that “‘Dissenter’ is a word loaded with negative meaning in the Catholic world. It implies the person disagrees with a fundamental teaching of the Church.” Thus Ruse wants a straight answer from the Vatican: “Does the Vatican consider Cardinal Burke in any way a dissenter?”

Don’t hold your breath, Mr. Ruse:  You will get no answer from the Vatican.  Why?  Because the answer is “YES”.  Cardinal Burke, along with the brother bishops Wuerl mentioned, is a dissenter, but not from “fundamental teaching of the Church.”  He is a dissenter from the counterfeit version of the Catholic religion its Modernist proponents are attempting to pass off on the basis of the Phony Synod and the innumerable — let us face it — ultra-progressive but utterly non-binding utterances by Francis at various times and places, which have sent the world media into transports of joy over what they hope is the imminent overthrow, at long last, of whatever remains of traditional Catholicism.

It is precisely because the answer to Ruse’s question is “Yes” that we are now experiencing what has to be the worst crisis in the history of the Church: orthodox prelates are being accused of dissent from heterodoxy, with their accusers falsely implying that they dissent from orthodox teaching rather than the current unheard-of novelties. (In like manner, Father Gruner, a priest validly incardinated in India, is accused of being “suspended” for an offense none of his critics is able to identify, because there is none.) The Church is governed by sly innuendo on the part of high-ranking prelates and Vatican functionaries who pretend that anyone who opposes them is opposing the Faith as opposed to their erring opinions.

This is the awful reality Father Rosica and his collaborators are trying to obscure. But Our Lady told us the truth about our situation long ago in a document that is still, no doubt, “well hidden” in the Vatican, to quote Antonio Socci. It is called the Third Secret of Fatima.