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Still More Truth from Cardinal Burke

by Christopher A. Ferrara
March 5, 2015

In a new interview with the Catholic blog site Rorate Caeli — the Catholic blogs are becoming a major line of defense against the onrushing Phony Synod 2015 — Cardinal Raymond Burke continues to speak the truth about our situation after two years of a “hope and change” pontificate that is provoking both widespread alarm and division among the faithful.

In this interview, the Cardinal targets the false premise on which the entire Phony Synod process has unfolded.  As the Cardinal puts it, with devastating simplicity:

Here I think it’s very important to address a false dichotomy that’s been drawn by some who say, “Oh no, we're just changing disciplines. We're not touching the Church’s doctrine.” But if you change the Church’s discipline with regard to access to Holy Communion by those who are living in adultery, then surely you are changing the Church’s doctrine on adultery.
You’re saying that, in some circumstances, adultery is permissible and even good, if people can live in adultery and still receive the sacraments. That is a very serious matter, and Catholics have to insist that the Church’s discipline not be changed in some way which would, in fact, weaken our teaching on one of the most fundamental truths, the truth about marriage and the family.

Now, the Cardinal must be politic given his position.  But members of the laity, exercising their God-given right to speak the truth in matters concerning the Faith, have a greater latitude of expression.

So it can be said, and it must be said, that among the “some” who say “Oh no, we’re just changing disciplines. We’re not touching the Church’s doctrine” are the very prelates Pope Francis has placed in control of the Phony Synod, knowing full well what their aim was and still is.

And thus it can be said, even more frankly, that among the “some” in question is Pope Francis himself, for why else would he have conceived and set in motion a Phony Synod that produced a phony midterm report ­ — neither written nor approved by the Synod Fathers themselves but personally approved by Francis — which calls precisely for  “access to the sacraments” on the part of divorced and remarried Catholics who have made no commitment to abandon their adulterous sexual relations “on a case-by-case basis, according to the law of gradualness…”­ — as if the Church could permit public adulterers to receive the Blessed Sacrament while they “gradually” come to accept that they are adulterers who should cease their adultery.

The faithful are not stupid.  They recognize what is going on here: a direct attack on the moral edifice of the Church that the Church has upheld against all attacks in all ages and was explicitly defended again a mere 33 years ago by John Paul II in Familiaris consortio.  Thus we are hearing protests from informed lay Catholics around the world, including the late Pope’s home country. In a report from Radio Poland a lay Catholic commentator is quoted as warning that “Pope Francis is openly departing from the teaching of the ‘Polish pope’” and that Francis “may be seeking the establishment of a new religion, distinct from Catholicism since John Paul II’s teaching was without a doubt within the Catholic tradition.” This commentator speaks openly of a schism if the Phony Synod succeeds with its program.

Just as in the time of the Arian crisis, then, it may be the laity more than clergy who defend the Faith against attack. That is why Cardinal Burke calls upon “very strong Catholic families who are devoted to the traditional Mass” to communicate with each other and build momentum for a restoration of the Church.  The attacks against marriage, the family, and the Blessed Sacrament at the highest levels of the Church, by a Synod under the direct supervision of a Pope, may well be mentioned explicitly in the Third Secret. Here let us recall the courageous words of Bishop Athanasius Schneider:  “This is the first time in Church history that such a heterodox text was actually published as a document of an official meeting of Catholic bishops under the guidance of a pope

Our Lady of Fatima, intercede for us!