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Cardinal Dolan and the Church Quiescent

by Christopher A. Ferrara
April 9, 2015

One of the marks of the current ecclesial crisis is the mysterious disappearance of what used to be called the Church Militant, whose members were what Catholics used to call “soldiers of Christ” following their Confirmation.  Over the past fifty years, the human element of the same Church that defeated the Muslims at Lepanto and Vienna, thus saving Christian Europe from the threat of Islam, has become a kind of deranged cheerleader for the very thing that once threatened the Church’s existence. 

From the Pope on down, the Catholic hierarchy today inexplicably continues to promote the myth of a “moderate Islam” that is not to be found in any existing Islamic country, much less among the Islamic butchers prowling about those countries and plotting the destruction of Rome.

It seems as if most of the visible Church has been swallowed up in the vast sinkhole of post-Enlightenment liberalism, following John Locke’s Law of Toleration over the abyss.  Under the Law of Toleration, every religion, especially the Catholic religion, must preach and teach toleration of all other religions in order to be accorded its place in the new, post-Christendom regime of “religious liberty.” Under this regime a resurgent Islam flourishes while Catholic churchmen, hypnotized by the mantra of tolerance, perversely applaud the advancing Islamicization of a Europe in a state of silent apostasy from the Faith that once defined it.  

In short, the Church Militant has become the Church Quiescent, happily cooperating in her own destruction (if that were possible).  In America, no one typifies the Church Quiescent better than Cardinal Timothy Dolan, that relentlessly jovial and utterly vapid spokesman for a Church whose main activity these days seems to be an endless strategic retreat into an ever-smaller ghetto.

In yet another of his mealy-mouthed appearances on national television, Dolan could not even bring himself to condemn Obama’s outrageous attempt, at the laughable National Prayer Breakfast, to set up a moral equivalence between the fanatics of ISIS, who are slaughtering Christians en masse simply because they are Christians, and the Crusaders who recaptured the Holy Land precisely from the clutches of Muslim fanatics. 

Confronted with Obama’s remark, Dolan essentially agreed with it:  “There are some that might have thought his remarks were off the mark. I would simply say … sometimes it is not all that bad to remind ourselves that we are not free from sin either….” Dolan suggested that while perhaps Obama’s remark was ill-timed, “I wouldn’t say it was wrong.” 

Commenting on the debacle in Indiana, where in a matter of days a bill protecting the right of private business owners not to be coerced into providing goods and services for “gay” events was “amended” to provide precisely for such coercion, Dolan had this to say: “We’ve got to make sure that the rights of conscience and religious ability to publicly exercise one’s religion is balanced with another good, namely the rights of people not to be discriminated against.”

But there is no such right as a “right not to be discriminated against.”  There is only a right not to be subjected to immoral and unjust discrimination. Refusing to provide wedding cakes to couples who wish to engage in sodomy and call it a “marriage” is a form of just and moral discrimination. Indeed, no law whatsoever should be needed to protect the right of anyone to discriminate in such cases or in any other case where one is asked to cooperate in evil by providing goods and services that facilitate and endorse the practice of evil.

For Dolan, however, the big concern is that people debate this issue in “a temperate civil way instead of screaming at each other.”  The only people screaming, however, are fanatical homosexuals demanding the right to rub our faces in their abominable behavior. Yet, as with the Muslims now resurgent in the once Christian West, the response of the Church Quiescent boils down to this: Why can’t everybody be nice?

With “defenders” like these, the Church has no chance of survival, humanly speaking.  Only the divine protection, guaranteed by the promises of Christ, insures the Church’s essential indefectibility.  But as the Message of Fatima makes clear, Our Lord never promised that the Church would not undergo terrible suffering and sustain incalculable harm because of the negligence of the sacred pastors. That indeed is what the integral Third Secret, now unfolding before us, is all about.