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When Will This Madness End?

by Christopher A. Ferrara
May 18, 2015

She personally performed abortions on women, using a bicycle pump, and later boasted that she and her group had personally murdered exactly 10,141 children in the womb. She supports the legalization of euthanasia, the liberalization of drug use, and the legal prohibition of conscience exemptions for doctors who refuse to perform abortion. She even opposes the burial of aborted children in cemeteries.

 She is Emma Bonino, the radical leftist Italian politician, a member of the Italian Radical Party currently serving, incredibly enough, as Foreign Minister for the corrupt Italian government.

And she was greeted warmly days ago by Pope Francis, who personally telephoned her concerning her serious illness (cancer) and invited her to the Vatican, where she attended the Pope's audience of 7,000 children belonging to something called "The Peace Factory."

Condemning, not abortionists, merchants of death who have killed more innocent human beings than have died in all the wars of modern times combined, the Pope instead blasted one of his usual politically safe targets — arms dealers — while Bonino the baby-killer sat there as his special invited guest: "Why do so many powerful people not want peace? Because they live off war, the arms industry is a serious matter! The powerful earn a living by producing and selling arms to countries: it is the industry of death, they make money from it."

Not a word, however, about the "industry of death" that directly kills children in the womb by the millions for profit.

Then the Pope had the children chant — yes, he had them chant — the Leftist slogan: "Where there is no justice, there is no peace," explaining "that in the world there is no peace because the powerful make money from the arms industry." As Vatican Information Service Reports: "The meeting concluded with a chorus of seven thousand voices, repeating with the Pope, 'Where there is no justice, there is no peace.'"

The slogan Francis had the children chant has nothing to do with the only true peace possible among men and nations, which, as Pope Pius XI declared, is "the peace of Christ in the Kingdom of Christ…" Nor is peace simply the result of social justice among people of different religions or, as in the case of Bonino, no religion at all but indeed outright diabolism. Such is peace in the lowly, worldly and liberal sense of the slogan.

Neither is peace merely a function of a vaguely advocated social "justice." As Pius XI further taught, citing Saint Thomas Aquinas, "a true and lasting peace is more a matter of love than of justice," meaning the supernatural virtue of charity obtained by the grace of Christ. Thus, Pius XI concluded, "the peace of Christ is not nourished on the things of earth, but on those of Heaven."

Yet here is Francis' version of peace, which he taught to the 7,000 children he urged to chant his slogan: "Peace means above all, no more wars but it also means joy, friendship among all, taking steps toward justice every day, taking steps to ensure there are no starving and sick who do not have the means to obtain health assistance. Doing all this is peace."

Apparently, peace has nothing to do with ending the scourge of abortion and the culture of death in general, by bringing all men and nations under the sweet yoke of Christ. That, however, is what Pius XI and all his predecessors proclaimed as the only way to true peace on earth "to men of good will (Luke 2:14)."

For Christ, and He alone, is the Prince of Peace. And it is the very Kingship of Christ that Our Lady came to Fatima to proclaim when She spoke of the conversion of Russia and the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart.

At this point in the ever-worsening debacle of this pontificate, I have to agree with this appeal to Francis by a rightly scandalized blogger: "You said that you would only be pope for a few years and would abdicate before your death, following your predecessor, Benedict's example. Do that. Please."

Our Lady of Fatima, intercede for us!