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It is time for “company people”
to think of the Church, not their jobs.

by Christopher A. Ferrara
May 22, 2015

Last year, the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) boycotted the annual Divine Mercy Conference in Dublin, refusing to provide its usual TV coverage of the event because one of the invited speakers was Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, the notorious promoter of homosexuality as “generous, vulnerable, tender, mutual, and non-violent” and “expressive of Christ’s self-gift.” Radcliffe is known for sponsoring the “gay Masses” to which Archbishop Nichols finally called a halt.

Radcliffe is “also a proponent of opening up to communion to divorced and remarried Catholics, currently a hot topic among bishops participating in the Synod on the Family,” notes ultra-liberal Crux website with approval.

The host of one of EWTN’s shows, Kathy Sinnott, a former member of the Irish Parliament, said on the air that Radcliffe’s views are “at sharp variance with Catholic teaching.” And so they are. With good reason did EWTN refuse to cover the event at which he was a featured speaker.

But, as has so often happened over the past two years, Pope Francis has pulled the rug out from under the directors of EWTN and other Catholics who are still inclined to think there must be some innocent explanation for the direction of his pontificate. Francis has demonstrated his approval of Radcliffe’s pro-homosexual, pro-Communion for public adulterers polemic by naming him a Consultor to the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.

Crux gloated that this is “a move sure to raise eyebrows among the Church’s traditional guard” because Radcliffe is “internationally known… for pushing the boundaries of Catholic orthodoxy and a strong ally of Pope Francis…” As one commenter on the Crux report observed: “I have no idea what the folks at EWTN are thinking. On one hand I am certain that in its catacombs they are going Nutz [sic] with what Francis is saying and doing. On the other hand, they are such company people they are not going to rebel. [Raymond] Arroyo must not know what to say.”

Well, the time for “company people” to stand up and oppose what is happening since Francis was elected Pope is long past. The Church is not a “company” with employees who blindly follow the company line dictated by a CEO under pain of losing their comfortable jobs in Catholic media. The Church is the Mystical Body of Christ and each member of the laity is, by virtue of the Sacrament of Confirmation, a soldier of Christ whose primary duty is to uphold the Faith, not a personality cult surrounding a given Pope.

It is time for the “company people” at EWTN to face the facts: It was Francis, not Radcliffe, who approved the interim report of the Synod which, concerning homosexuals, called for “accepting and valuing their sexual orientation” and, concerning the divorced and “remarried,” called for “access to the sacraments… on a case-by-case basis…” It was Francis who told at least two different women by telephone that they could receive Holy Communion despite living in a state of objective public adultery. It was Francis who made Msgr. Battista Ricca, a flagrant homosexual caught in flagrante delicto with a young man in an elevator, the head of his very household. It was Francis who personally invited a “transsexual” woman who pretends she is a man and her “fiancée” for a personal audience and warm embrace at his residence, giving “powerful hope” to “LGBT” advocates. And it was Francis who, in the first place, uttered the infamous words “who am I to judge” concerning Msgr. Ricca in particular and other homosexuals in the hierarchy in general.

Can it seriously be denied any longer that, as Radcliffe asserts, his views “are deeply in resonance with the teaching of Pope Francis,” who teaches by his conspicuous deeds as much as by his crowd-pleasing words?

To the “company people” at EWTN who refused to participate in any conference at which Radcliffe was a speaker, I say this: Join concerned Catholics around the world in demonstrating that your concern for the truths of the Faith does not evaporate when it comes to the Pope who has just appointed to a Pontifical Council the very man you refused to dignify with your TV coverage because he is a blatant enemy of the Church. Join your fellow Catholics in protesting this abominable appointment, or else forfeit your credibility as an apostolate that purports to be dedicated to the promotion of sound Catholic orthodoxy. Stand up and speak out for what is right, or else reveal by your silence that you are indeed A Network Gone Wrong.