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Will Francis Betray the Underground Church?
An Update.

by Christopher A. Ferrara
April 7, 2016

The London Telegraph has just run a major piece on the possibility of a “thaw” in relations between the Vatican and the communist regime in Beijing according to which the communist dictators of China would nominate bishops to the “official” pseudo-church it controls, the Patriotic Catholic Association (PCA), “but the Vatican will be able to veto candidates proposed by Beijing.”

This, of course, would be a total betrayal of the loyal Catholics of the “underground” Church as it would affirm a communist government’s exercise of control over the formation of the Catholic hierarchy in China — a grotesque hybridization of the sacred and the diabolically profane.

The redoubtable Cardinal Zen puts the matter most succinctly: “It is unthinkable to leave the initial proposal in the hands of an atheist government who cannot possibly judge the suitability of a candidate to be a bishop.”

The Telegraph also cites a devastating assessment of the rumored sellout by Bob Fu, director of the group ChinaAid, who declared that it would “constitute a betrayal of the Chinese Catholic Church, especially those who have suffered even martyrdom. It will be like a father’s betrayal of his own children, a saddest day for the independent Catholic Churches in China because the move will legitimise the Communist Party’s persecution, past, present and perhaps future.”

Meanwhile, some six million Chinese Catholics, the majority of the faithful in China, have refused to join the communist pseudo-church but instead worship in house churches, like the one depicted here —

which have been subjected to increasing government persecution, including, “toppling crosses from places of worship and forcing followers deeper underground.”

One of the underground priests, quoted by the Telegraph, Father Dong Baolu, speaks for millions of his fellow Catholics when he says: “It’s possible that Rome may betray us. If this happens, I will resign. I won’t join a Church which is controlled by the Communist Party.”

As the Church is rocked by one sensational “surprise” after another during this pontificate, will this be another?  It would seem so, as at least one bishop “nominated” by the atheist regime in Beijing, Joseph Zhang Yinlin, was “accepted by the Vatican” last summer.

This development, should it ripen into an agreement with China’s communist dictatorship, would represent the return with a vengeance of an evil against which the Church has fought for centuries: Caesaropapism, according to which secular authority sets itself above ecclesiastical authority even in ecclesiastical matters.  But never in 2,000 years has the error resulted in the usurpation of power over the Church by atheists who are determined to destroy the true Catholic Church and replace it with their own hideous contrivance.

With each passing day we see the Church descending into a state of crisis from which it seems there can be no recovery without the most dramatic of heavenly interventions.  More and more it appears that we are approaching the scenario depicted in the vision of the Third Secret, wherein a Pope is executed outside a devastated city that appears to be Rome.  May Our Lady of Fatima save us from that devastating outcome of divine justice.