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Cardinal Parolin: Diplomat of the New World Order

by Christopher A. Ferrara
January 20, 2017

What was Cardinal Parolin doing at the World Economic Forum Meeting in Davos, Switzerland? Why did he participate in a gathering at which George Soros and numerous other globalist mucky-mucks lamented Brexit, the election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States, the rise of nationalism contra limitless immigration, and other alarming signs that the swinish masses are starting to kick against the goad of the New World Order (NWO)?

The answer, quite simply, is that Parolin is one of them. He was there to do what every Vatican Secretary of State has been doing since the “reform” of the Roman Curia during the reign of Paul VI:  laboring to integrate the Catholic Church into the NWO while declaring the unconditional surrender of the Church Militant.

In a videotaped discussion with Philipp Rösler, Managing Director of the World Economic Forum, Rösler began by buttering up the Cardinal with the query whether, under Francis, the Vatican was now experiencing the “golden age of Vatican diplomacy.”

Naturally, the answer is “yes”. And of course the reason, Parolin said, is “the personality of Pope Francis.”  The “personality of Pope Francis” seems to have expanded like a supernova so that nothing of the Catholic Church is visible any longer. There is just the personality of Pope Francis.

Francis, Parolin continued, has “taken a very great role of leadership in the global issues of the present world. And he is recognized as such, as a global leader… which was very clear in the process of climate change….”

One might ask: What does climate change have to do with the role of the Vicar of Christ as earthly head of the Catholic Church, the sole ark of salvation?  About as much as the three goals for Vatican diplomacy that Parolin said Francis has laid down for the Vatican Secretariat of State:

• “to fight poverty”
• “to build bridges. The word is dialogue… dialogue, dialogue, dialogue”
• “to achieve peace in many situations…”

Being a player in the New World Order, Parolin naturally had to praise the corrupt, decadent and collapsing European Union: “European unity has brought great benefit to the European continent; we should not forget that… First among these is the 60 years of peace after the devastation of the First and Second World Wars, and the benefits stemming from the free circulation of people and ideas throughout the continent.”

The Catholic conception of peace is not merely an absence of armed conflict, and certainly not “free circulation of people and ideas.”  The Catholic conception of peace is what Saint Augustine called Tranquillitas ordinis — the tranquility of order that arises in societies when men, justified by divine grace, live their lives and order their social affairs according to the eternal law and the natural law by which man participates rationally in the eternal law when he acts rightly and refrains from wrongdoing.  The very mission of the Church is to promote the tranquility of order by making disciples of all nations, for there is no other way to bring true peace to a fallen world.

Giving an example for the ages of what Catholic diplomacy should be, Pope Benedict XV, the successor of Saint Pius X, pleaded with the world in 1914 to avoid the horror of war by returning to the way of the Gospel:

“Our Lord Jesus Christ came down from Heaven for the very purpose of restoring amongst men the Kingdom of Peace, which the envy of the devil had destroyed, and it was His will that it should rest on no other foundation than that of brotherly love. These are His own oft-repeated words: ‘A new commandment I give unto you: That you love one another’ (John xiv. 34); ‘This is my commandment that you love one another’ (John xv. 12); ‘These things I command you, that you love one another’ (John xv. 17); as though His one office and purpose was to bring men to mutual love….”

With World War I exploding on the European scene — the belligerents (except Catholic Austria) would ignore his proposal for peace — Benedict noted the irony of a situation that is precisely what we witness today: “Never perhaps was there more talking about the brotherhood of men than there is today; in fact, men do not hesitate to proclaim that striving after brotherhood is one of the greatest gifts of modern civilization…” And yet, the Pontiff continued, all the talk of brotherhood was empty because men were “ignoring the teaching of the Gospel, and setting aside the work of Christ and of His Church,” so that “in reality never was there less brotherly activity amongst men than at the present moment.”

But Cardinal Parolin was not in Davos to speak to the gathering about the essential mission of Christ and His Church respecting the right ordering of civil society and the promotion of true brotherhood, nor to urge them to regain the path to the only peace worthy of the name: what Pius XI, writing eleven years after Benedict XV, called “the peace of Christ in the Kingdom of Christ.”

No, never that. For Parolin is a diplomat of the New World Order, wherein there is neither true religion nor true Church.  There is only “religion” in general, for which Parolin meekly suggested some sort of modest role: “I would like also to stress the importance of the religions. Religions cannot be left only on the private ground; it is not only the expression of the personal feelings of the person, but religions have something to say also in a public arena.”

So, according to the Vatican Secretary of State, “religions” have “something to say” in public life. But what is that something?  No matter.  Religions should say whatever they have to say, because it is good when religions say something, whatever it is!  If only it were a joke.

But what about the religion established by God Incarnate in the Church He commissioned to convert and save the world?  Should not the religion Parolin is supposed to represent — he was, after all, wearing clerical garb — have a decisive role in public life, guiding civil authorities with the law of the Gospel as every Pope before Vatican II insisted? 

Not on your life! Today the function of the Vatican Secretary of State is precisely to renounce the claims of the Catholic Church on nations as well as men. Quoth Parolin:

“Of course in dialogue with all the faiths, we are not asking nor requesting any privilege for the Catholic Church…we know that now we live in a pluralistic society where there are so many expressions of religious belief and religious faith; but I think that it is important that the authorities…recognize the public role that religions could give to the public life.”

So, no special privilege for the Catholic Church. Which is to say, no special privilege for God, and thus no special privilege for the truth He revealed for the salvation of souls.  The current Vatican line on religion is simply that one religion is as good as another, even if they radically contradict each other.  What does truth matter?  Religion is the thing!

And so the powers that be roll on, while the human element of the Catholic Church surrenders en masse to the spirit of the age and becomes, in its ad extra relations with the world, precisely what Francis professed the Church must not be: an NGO, a non-governmental organization enmeshed in the machinery of the New World Order.

If we have not yet seen the Great Apostasy foretold in Scripture, we are certainly witnessing its inception.