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Third Secret Not Fully Revealed
Mother Angelica Says

by Christopher A. Ferrara

Since June of 2000 the Fatima revisionists have been bashing Father Nicholas Gruner and his apostolate for even daring to suggest that the Vatican has been less than forthcoming in its disclosure of the Third Secret of Fatima. Yet millions of Catholics around the world share Father Gruner’s skepticism about the disclosure: a vision of the Pope and members of the hierarchy being shot down at the foot of a cross could hardly be all there is to a Secret the Vatican kept under lock and key for more than 40 years.

My own view is that what we see in the June 26th disclosure is the visual aspect of the Third Secret, but without the sound track consisting of “the words of Our Lady which She confided to the three children as a secret” — to quote the Vatican’s own press release explaining the suppression of the Secret back in 1960. I have spoken to priests, monsignors, news reporters and countless lay people about the Vatican disclosure and have yet to find anyone outside the Fatima revisionist camp who thinks that we have been given the entirety of the Secret.

Nor did Cardinal Ratzinger assuage anyone’s suspicions when he told the world last June 26th that “No great mystery is revealed; nor is the future unveiled” in the Third Secret. Well, if that is the case, then why was this non-mysterious, non-revelatory document kept under lock and key for so many years? And why did Ratzinger say in 1984 (in a famous interview in Jesus magazine) that the Secret speaks of “dangers to the Faith and life of the Christian, and therefore the life of the world . . . and the importance of the novissimi (end times),” and that the Secret “corresponds to what has been said . . . in other Marian apparitions.” Well, which is it? Nothing about the future, or much about the future? And where in the vision disclosed on June 26th is there anything corresponding to what has been said in other Marian apparitions? Moreover, if, as Ratzinger now claims, the culmination of the Third Secret was the failed attempt on the Pope’s life in 1981, why was the Secret kept hidden for yet another 19 years thereafter?

No, something isn’t right here. And now we find that Mother Angelica is one of those millions of Catholics who agrees that things just don’t add up. When asked if she believes we were given the whole Secret last June, Mother Angelica said this on her live television show of May 16, 2001:

As for the Secret, well I happen to be one of those individuals who thinks we didn’t get the whole thing. I told ya! I mean, you have the right to your own opinion, don’t you, Father? There, you know, that’s my opinion. Because I think it’s scary. And I don’t think the Holy See is going to say something that does not happen, that might happen. And then what does it do if it doesn’t happen? I mean the Holy See cannot afford to make prophecies, because. I know,  — I don’t know — my funeral . . . It’s not me, so don’t look at me . . . Something’s gonna happen soon. It could be twenty years before it happens. So to God “soon” could be a thousand years. We don’t know that.

Just what are the folks at EWTN going to do about this outburst of candor from the feisty nun from Alabama? With just a few words she has completely undone their meticulous efforts to portray Father Gruner as some sort of conspiracy nut. Ever-so-casually Mother Angelica let it slip that she happens to agree with — oh nooooo! — Father Gruner. Not to mention the millions of other Catholics of like mind. So, the view that something is missing from the Third Secret can no longer be quarantined to the fever swamp, where the Fatima revisionists would like to pretend it belongs.

Mother Angelica’s little bombshell is already sending shockwaves into the crumbling foundations of Fatima revisionism. Consider: if Mother Angelica, a veritable living icon of neo-Catholicism, says that the Vatican is holding out on us regarding the Third Secret, then how can the neo-Catholics lacerate Father Gruner for his view that the Vatican is also holding out on us when it comes to the “consecration” of Russia? Is Mother Angelica the only one who can question the official line of the Vatican bureaucracy? And if, as Mother Angelica rightly says, “you have the right to your own opinion” about disclosure of the Third Secret, then why doesn’t Father Gruner have a right to his own opinion? Do nuns have greater liberty of opinion on the question of Fatima than priests with advanced theological degrees and 23 years of experience in the subject?

Well, well, well. Things just keep getting more uncomfortable for the Fatima revisionists. Try as they might, they cannot patch all the cracks in their crumbling edifice of disinformation. Now one of their own has spoken the truth. Let’s sit back and watch the show as they try to condemn Father Gruner for saying precisely what Mother Angelica has said — on national television, no less.

A prediction: EWTN’s charismatic, neo-Catholic-controlled board of directors will procure, or at least try to procure, some sort of “retraction” from Mother Angelica. Too late. The Third Secret cat is out of the bag.