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Who Appointed the Vatican
Secretary of State as Censor?

by Christopher A. Ferrara
October 28, 2010

The Rorate Caeli blogsite has reported the news that the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarciso Bertone, drastically censored remarks critical of Islam during an address by Bishop Raboula Antoine Beylouni to the recently completed Special Assembly for the Middle East of the Synod of Bishops at the Vatican.

Citing an article on this development by Sandro Magister, writing in L'Espresso, Rorate Caeli notes that Bertone took his scissors to all the following remarks (and more) by the Bishop concerning the Koran, which were simply stricken from the published text of the address:

The Koran inculcates in the Muslim pride in being the only true and complete religion, taught by the greatest prophet, because he was the last one. The Muslim is part of the privileged nation, and speaks the language of God, the language of Paradise, the Arabic language. This is why he comes to dialogue with a sense of superiority, and with the certitude of being victorious.
The Koran, supposedly written by God Himself, from beginning to end, gives the same value to all that is written: dogma that supersedes all law or practice.
In the Koran, men and women are not equal, not even in marriage itself where the man takes several wives and can divorce at his pleasure; nor in the heritage where man takes double; nor in the testifying before judges where the voice of one man is equal to the voice of two women, etc...
The Koran allows the Muslim to hide the truth from the Christian, and to speak and act contrary to how he thinks and believes.
In the Koran, there are contradictory verses which annul others, which gives the Muslim the possibility of using one or the other to his advantage, and therefore he can tell the Christian that he is humble and pious and believes in God, just as he can treat him as impious, apostate and idolatrous.
The Koran gives the Muslim the right to judge Christians and to kill them for the Jihad (the holy war). It commands the imposition of religion through force, with the sword. The history of invasions bears witness to this….

All true, of course. But that is precisely why Bertone censored it. Once again the Vatican Secretariat of State imposes political correctness on the Church, in keeping with its self-bestowed function of censoring even the Pope himself in order to avoid offending anybody with a truth that might impair a "dialogue" that has only led to the world's increasing enmity toward the Church and the Vicar of Christ, or the "springtime of Vatican II" that is actually an ecclesial winter, or the "liturgical renewal" that has depopulated our parishes and led to a massive loss of Eucharistic faith.

We know, of course, that the Secretary of State has even dared to censor the very Mother of God by "striking" from the Third Secret of Fatima the words She spoke following Her fateful reference to the preservation of dogma in Portugal, for which Sister Lucia saved a place with the "etc" that indicates the Blessed Virgin had more to say — much more — about the state of the Church and thus the state of the world.

But, thanks to Antonio Socci, the Fatima Center, the tireless efforts of Father Nicholas Gruner, and the Fatima Challenge Conference in Rome this past May, it is now commonly accepted by the Italian media (joining Catholics the world over) that, as no less than Andrea Tornielli put it during a telecast on Italy's Rete 4 channel on June 23, 2010, "the existence of two texts in two different places [the text of the vision of the "Bishop dressed in White" and the text containing the missing words of the Virgin] seems to me now a well established fact."

And so the Vatican Secretary of State has failed his mission to censor the Blessed Virgin Mary. For while he has succeeded, at least for the moment, in keeping Her words from us, we know what he is up to, and we know as well the substance of what Her words must convey: that an unprecedented crisis of faith and discipline will overtake the Church — we are living through it now — and that the entire world will suffer the drastic consequences.

Sooner or later, the Third Secret will be revealed in its fullness to the Church and the world. For Mary is the Mother of God, and God will not allow His mother to be silenced forever, no matter what the contrary plans of the all-too-fallible men who doggedly persist in their vainglorious march toward disaster.