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Is Benedict the “Bishop Dressed in White”?

by Christopher A. Ferrara
March 4, 2013

The text of the enigmatic vision that the Vatican published in 2000, which the “official” version of events presents as the Third Secret of Fatima in its entirety, contains these especially enigmatic passages in the handwriting of Sister Lucia:

And we saw in an immense light that is God: “something similar to how people appear in a mirror when they pass in front of it” a Bishop dressed in White “we had the impression that it was the Holy Father”....
Other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious going up a steep mountain, at the top of which there was a big Cross of rough-hewn trunks as of a cork-tree with the bark; before reaching there the Holy Father passed through a big city half in ruins and half trembling with halting step, afflicted with pain and sorrow, he prayed for the souls of the corpses he met on his way; having reached the top of the mountain, on his knees at the foot of the big Cross he was killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him, and in the same way there died one after another the other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious, and various lay people of different ranks and positions.

What is immediately apparent from the face of this text is that it cries out for an explanation. But none is given — by Sister Lucia or, more important, by the Virgin Herself. Yet, only a few sentences earlier, Lucia introduces the vision by stating: “After the two parts which I have already explained...” — meaning the first two parts of the Great Secret, including the vision of hell. Why, then, is there no explanation of the third and more obscure part?

I will not dwell on the ridiculous “interpretation” by Cardinal Sodano which is parroted by his successor, Cardinal Bertone. The same ecclesiastical “fixer” who covered up the crimes of Father Marcial Maciel can hardly expect to be taken seriously when he claims that what is quoted above concerns John Paul II escaping death at the hands of a lone assassin in 1981. Nonsense.

But who exactly is the “Bishop dressed in White”? Note well: Sister Lucia states merely that she and the other seers had the impression it was the Holy Father. But the Mother of God surely would not have left the seers with a mere impression, any more than She left them with the mere impression that they had seen hell. No, Our Lady declared quite explicitly: “You have seen hell, where the souls of poor sinners go.” Likewise, She must have told them what they had just seen in the figure of the white-clad bishop. The seers' lack of certainty in this regard indicates ambiguity regarding the office of this bishop, an ambiguity the Virgin could not have failed to clarify, given the absolute urgency of the Secret.

And now we are faced with just such an ambiguity respecting Pope Benedict, who has made it known that after his retirement he will continue to dress in white, will continue to be known as Benedict XVI, and will continue to hold the title Pope, but as “Pope emeritus.” Thus, looking at Benedict after his retirement, and not knowing anything else, one would have the impression that he is the Pope. He would be wearing the clothes of a Pope, he would have the title of a Pope (emeritus), yet he would not actually be the Pope.

Is Pope Benedict, then, the “Bishop dressed in White?” This is one of the many questions that would be answered by the companion text of the Third Secret, which, as Antonio Socci says, is “well hidden” in the Vatican. It is also a question that may be answered by the unfolding of events in the days to come. We can be certain, however, that this is not the way we should prefer to receive the answer, for it would mean that the apocalyptic scene in the vision has already come to pass.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!