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“he was killed by a group of soldiers
who fired bullets and arrows at him…”

by Christopher A. Ferrara
March 30, 2015

It is said that the meaning of a prophecy becomes ever more clear as we approach its fulfillment in time.  For this reason did Sister Lucy insist, and write on two different envelopes pertaining to the Third Secret of Fatima, that the Blessed Virgin (contrary to the lying representations of Cardinal Bertone) had expressly ordered that the Secret was to be revealed in 1960 because, as Lucia explained, it would be “clearer” (mais claro) then.

Certainly that element of the Secret that predicts an unparalleled crisis in the Church — I mean the text the Vatican has withheld, wherein the Blessed Virgin explains the meaning of the obscure vision published in 2000 — would have been clearer in 1960.  In that year revolution was beginning in both the Church, with the calling of the Second Vatican Council, and the world at large, which underwent an accelerated descent into total depravity.  (Anyone who is old enough to remember those days will recall that the Sixties were a time in which it seemed that both the Church and society had crossed over a threshold into a state of affairs the once Christian West had never seen before.)

But what of the vision’s mysterious depiction of a post-apocalyptic scenario in which a future Pope is executed by a band of soldiers outside a devastated city filled with the dead?  One detail in particular struck me as completely inexplicable: that the Pope’s executioners “fired bullets and arrows at him.”  Arrows?  What is the meaning of this peculiar reference to such primitive weaponry?

Consider first a recent article in the ISIS magazine Dabiq, quoting a fanatical Imam who “prophesies” as follows: “We will conquer your Rome, break your crosses, and enslave your women, by the permission of Allah, the Exalted.”

Next consider a recent article in the Italian daily Il Giornale, which may well provide one of those precise historical clues that clarify a prophecy as its fulfillment nears (like the ripening fig tree that heralds the coming of spring, to use Our Lord’s parable of the advent of the Last Days). The article reports on an “e-book” being distributed to Muslim militants that provides instructions to prepare for the conquest of Rome by learning to use various weapons, including “home-made bows and arrows.”  The idea is to stockpile weapons whose possession is not currently illegal so that they can be employed in urban guerrilla warfare. As the instruction manual states:  “The advent of the war for the conquest of Rome will consist primarily of the urban guerilla in the cities and streets of Europe.”

Suddenly the reference to a Pope of the future being slain by bullets and arrows falls into place like the piece of a puzzle that is being completed before our eyes.  Can we be certain that this is the case? Without the Virgin’s own explanation of the vision­ — for which the Vatican has substituted the ludicrous “interpretation” of the Vatican Secretary of State — we obviously cannot be.  Then again, it is always prudent to examine the signs of the times when Heaven itself has given us a warning of impending disaster — a disaster to which the leaders of the Church remain oblivious as they continue to ignore the prophecy of Our Lady of Fatima.