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Cardinal Sodano,
Please Step Aside!

by Christopher A. Ferrara

In connection with its publication of a vision pertaining to the Third Secret of Fatima on June 26, 2000, the Vatican Press Office also published a commentary on the Message of Fatima by Cardinal Ratzinger and Msgr. Bertone. Among the many curious aspects of this commentary are its repeated and conspicuous references to an “interpretation” of the Third Secret by the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Angelo Sodano, who also happens to be orchestrating the Vatican bureaucracy’s vendetta against Father Nicholas Gruner.

After referring repeatedly to Sodano’s “interpretation” of the Third Secret — which claims that the “bishop in white” who is shot dead by a band of soldiers is really John Paul II, who was not shot dead by Ali Agca — the Ratzinger/Bertone commentary offers the strange conclusion that “First of all we must affirm with Cardinal Sodano: ‘…the events to which the third part of the ‘secret’ of Fatima refers now seem part of the past’.”

Why must we affirm with Cardinal Sodano that the Third Secret refers to events entirely in the past? What special competence does the Vatican Secretary of State have to interpret the Message of Fatima for the entire Church? Why should we have the least confidence in Sodano’s “interpretation” of the Secret, when it so obviously has nothing to do with the events seen in the vision of “the bishop in white”?

Clearly, the Sodano Interpretation is meant to serve a geopolitical agenda which is at odds with Our Lady of Fatima’s call for the consecration and conversion of Russia. In order to be rid of the question of the Consecration, the Third Secret — and thus the entire Fatima Message — had somehow to be consigned to “the past”. Only this could account for why Sodano has been so intent on crushing Father Gruner, who continues to remark the obvious: that the world has not yet seen the fulfillment of the Virgin’s prophecies, as the terrorist attack on September 11 should make clear to anyone who is not comatose.

Under other circumstances one could simply ignore Sodano’s unprecedented interference in the rights of Catholics. But these are not ordinary circumstances. The terrorist attack was horrendous enough, but what if there is far worse to come?

On September 24, 2001 the chairman of the House Subcommittee on National Security, Rep. Christopher Shays, warned that “the U.S. is vulnerable to nuclear attack by terrorists who may have access to as many as 60 briefcase-sized tactical nuclear weapons now missing from the former Soviet Union.” (, September 25, 2001) According to Newsmax, “Shays warned that the impact of Russia’s missing tactical nukes is so potentially devastating they would make an excellent weapon for geopolitical blackmail. I guess if you’d be willing to kill 50,000 people you’d probably be willing to use it.”

These tactical nuclear weapons are contained in cases which are smaller than the average tourist suitcase. “They are literally the size of a large briefcase. They’re not even the size of a big suitcase,” said Shays.

And while the Russians at first admitted that about 60 of these mini A-bombs were “missing”, they are now denying it, said Shays, “and we don’t really have a straight answer from our own government.” Yet, according to Newsmax, “U.S. officials believe that some of the missing Russian nukes have been sold to the highest bidder …The problem we have with the Russians is they can’t pay their employees. So some of this very sensitive, very expensive and very dangerous weaponry is being sold for ridiculously small amounts of money.”

If one of these weapons were exploded in an American metropolis, “It would destroy a city. It would just be horrendous. It is our worst fear, obviously.” Even more terrifying, “the tactical nukes are small enough to make detection nearly impossible.”

For all of these reasons, Shays concluded that “as bad as the attacks of Sept. 11 were, the worst may be yet to come — even without nuclear weapons. We have every reason to believe that terrorists have access to chemical and biological agents. …It’s not a question of if there will be a biological or chemical attack — it’s a question of when, where and of what magnitude.”

In short, Shays has described a particularly deadly example of the spread of Russia’s errors, and it quite literally threatens the annihilation of various nations of which Our Lady of Fatima warned.

The world now stands at a few minutes before midnight. The situation could not be more grave. As one member of the laity, therefore, I make this plea to Cardinal Sodano and his collaborators in the Vatican:

Your attempt to bury the Message of Fatima by consigning all of it “to the past” poses a terrible danger to the Church, to the world, to me and my family. The risk of following your manifestly dubious interpretation of the Fatima Message is enormous, whereas there is no risk in following the Virgin’s requests to the letter. It seems, incredibly enough, that only human respect for the “feelings” of the Russians has prevented the consecration of that nation by name.

Cardinal Sodano, your policies of Vatican diplomacy, including the avoidance of any offense to Russia through the specific consecration of that nation by the Pope and the bishops, are an ever-worsening disaster. Your support of the godless United Nations Organization and the proposed International Court, and your association with and praise of Mikhail Gorbachev, the very exemplar of the culture of death, are a disgrace.

Cardinal Sodano, as a member of the laity in this time of unparalleled crisis in the Church, I am compelled to say what my conscience dictates, in the only effective forum available to me: Cardinal Sodano, I simply do not trust your judgment. Neither the Church nor the world can safely depend on your reading of the signs of the times.

And so, for the good of the Church, for the safety of the world, for the welfare of souls, I plead with you: Step aside now, Cardinal Sodano. Let the Pope do precisely what the Virgin requested of him before it is too late. For the love of God and man, Cardinal Sodano, step aside.